We now know who will take over the Beeches property in Rome


Nascentia Health officials said on Tuesday they would buy the old ‘The Beeches’ complex in Rome and have huge plans for the property.

Romans and central New Yorkers around the world were saddened by the announcement in 2018 that Beeches in Rome would close its doors after 70 years in business. We now know who will take over the 50+ acre property.

Kate Rolf, CEO of Nascentia Health, says:

This is an exciting opportunity for Nascentia Health to adapt this magnificent historic estate for the future in a meaningful way that illustrates the importance of beech trees and the Destito family to the community of Rome.

Rolf believes this project will help the great community of Rome by providing much needed jobs and resources as well. The plan is to create a mixed-use development, which will include independent and supportive housing for the elderly. Nascentia officials say the critical desire of the Destito family was to keep the property as a whole and not be subdivided in a way that would not help the community of Greater Rome. This purchase will fulfill those wishes beyond their wildest dreams. Members of the Destito family said:

We explored many options and proposals for the reuse of this iconic property, hoping to find one that would have the resources and vision to conserve it in its entirety, develop something that would benefit the community and keep its history and beauty intact. It is with Nascentia that we found this beautiful combination.

Some of the existing buildings will remain as they are, while others will be under renovation. The main conference center will serve as a common space for meetings and private events, officials said. Nascentia is a healthcare system serving the needs of seniors in 48 counties in upstate New York.

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