Waves Audio Introduces New System Integration Solutions


Waves Audio will showcase its full line of system integration solutions from its commercial audio product line at InfoComm 2022. Additionally, the company is expanding its commercial audio lineup with the introduction of the CA3000-MX commercial audio mixer.

Highlights include the new Waves Cloud MX mixer; CA3000-MX, CA2000 and CA3000 commercial audio mixers and DSP engines; Emotion Waves LV1; Waves Proton Duo with SuperRack; My FOH app; and more.

The new Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer is a 100% cloud-based audio mixer with superior sound quality for cloud streaming environments. Cloud MX Audio Mixer delivers pristine sound, high-precision mixing control, and creative processing capabilities with full integration of the Waves cloud-licensed plug-in — all in a scalable, remote-controlled, cloud-ready workflow. the broadcast running on a 32-bit floating mix engine. Waves’ Cloud MX audio mixer is NDI (Network Device Interface) compatible, easily integrating into NDI-based environments, with easy patching and routing of NDI audio streams. It is also easily deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it easy to integrate with cloud production systems.

Cloud MX Audio Mixer makes it easy to scale productions with any number of audio mixers, without the operational costs of shipping, maintaining, or scheduling onsite hardware and personnel.

All Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer packages come with the powerful cloud-licensed Waves eMo plug-ins (eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter and eMo Q4 Equalizer), which form the mixer channel strip for a fast and efficient workflow. efficient. Audio capabilities can be further expanded by upgrading to Cloud MX Audio Mixer Plus, with 11 additional cloud-licensed plugins such as Primary Source Expander for automatic mic bleed elimination, legendary Renaissance Vox vocal compressor, the surgical F6 Floating-Band Dynamic. EQ, MaxxBass, the L2 UltraMaximizer and more; or Cloud MX Audio Mixer Premium, which adds over 150 cloud-licensed plugins covering all audio needs, including the Dugan Speech plugin for real-time automatic multi-mic mixing.

The Waves CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer is a new ready-to-install audio mixer and processing engine that delivers stellar sound quality for a wide range of single-room and multi-zone AV installations. The CA3000-MX offers powerful mixing and onboard processing capabilities with the ability to expand processing, adding plugins from Waves’ massive catalog (to customize processing to specific needs).

The CA3000-MX is ideal for a wide range of applications including corporate, commercial, government, educational or worship installations. Housed in a compact, half-width 2U rackmount chassis, the CA3000-MX combines a powerful digital audio processing engine with an installation-ready version of the proven Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer, supporting up to 32 stereo inputs, 24 stereo aux inputs mix outputs plus L/R/C/M outputs and a 12×8 stereo matrix. System integration and configuration is simple: the CA3000-MX easily integrates with standard ASIO audio device drivers or Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) audio networking.

Waves plug-ins can be added to address feedback cancellation, dynamics control, source leveling, noise reduction, acoustic response, streaming optimization, and more. Installations that require automatic mixing of multiple live microphones (such as corporate and government chat panels) can also add the Waves Dugan Speech plug-in as an optional purchase. Powered by Dan Dugan’s patented voice activation process, Dugan Speech controls the gains of multiple microphones automatically and in real time, dramatically reducing noise, feedback and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. This capability provides integrators with a superior solution for panel discussions, faith-based services and events, conferences, and any other event involving multiple microphones and multiple attendees. End users can easily control pre-configured and fully customized audio settings using the Waves mRecall audio scene recall app.

New updated versions of the Waves CA1000 and CA2000 commercial audio DSP engines are also featured, now offering more integration options: in addition to Dante compatibility, these units are now also ASIO compatible. Additionally, users can now remotely control custom CA1000 and CA2000 parameters with the Waves mRecall Audio Scene & Snapshot app.

The new Waves MyFOH tablet app has been the most requested feature by live sound engineers using the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer. MyFOH allows FOH engineers to control the LV1 via WiFi, from any iPad or Android tablet, and shape the mix live from anywhere in the room. With MyFOH, engineers can walk around the room and assess their mix from the audience’s perspective and adjust levels, panning and more, for individual channels as well as groups, auxes, effects groups, DCAs and matrices. MyFOH also allows the user to correct levels for forward fills and delays, which are almost impossible to judge with confidence from the static FOH position. Users dealing with both FOH and monitors during the same show can also use MyFOH alongside the musicians on stage (rather than attempting effective communication across the room), creating a more personal experience, nuanced and professional for everyone involved.

The Waves Proton Duo with SuperRack combines a Waves Proton SoundGrid server, an Axis Proton audio-optimized computer, and an integrated network switch, all in one compact device. For the first time ever, users can add more plugin processing power through a Waves SoundGrid server and run Waves applications on a custom computer designed for exceptional audio performance – all using a slim, sleek unit, instead two separate devices. In addition to boosting DSP power, the Proton Duo is optimized with a meticulous selection of components to run the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer, Waves SuperRack live plug-in host, and SoundGrid Studio application, on systems up to 32 channels. With a server, computer and switch all in one, the Proton Duo is the most compact and portable Waves processing unit to date. Users can easily mount Proton Duo using rack ears or placed side-by-side with an additional half-rack 1U device in a rackmount system. Preconfigured, wired and ready to go, Proton Duo is designed for quick setup: users can simply plug it into their I/O, anytime, anywhere, and you’re ready to mix.


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