Valley Oaks Health Hosts ‘Covid-Care’ Webinar on Suicide and Depression



TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Indiana (WLFI) – As we enter the second year in the fight against the Covid-19 virus, health experts are also focusing on the negative consequences for mental health. Tuesday, May 10 at 10 a.m. Valley Oaks Health is hosting a Covid-Care webinar that will address the topics of suicide and depression.

Studies are still ongoing to determine if the Covid-19 pandemic is really affecting rates of suicide and depression, but according to a study by John Hopkins Medicine, other health outbreaks like the Spanish flu and the Ebola epidemic were directly linked to increased suicide rates.

During the webinar, Nathan Worster, Training Coordinator for Valley Oaks, will talk about how the organization is starting to see the effects of the virus on people’s mental health. Like many mental health organizations nationwide, local agencies experienced a gap in providing services to people earlier in the pandemic.

Local mental health leaders believe this could have played a role in the acute mental health crises we are currently facing. The worst part is to hope that people log on and walk away with tools to help friends and family who may be struggling.

“People are really intimidated by this topic and they might be speechless at times like this, but we want to make sure you know what to say, what is useful to say and how to best help. the person who came to you. ” said Worster.

He said multiple studies show that most people who think about suicide address at least one person. He said it was not a question of “if” someone is going to reach out, but rather “when”.

“This webinar is a great opportunity for you to feel prepared when a friend or family member or someone you know in our community tells you they are thinking about suicide,” Worster said.

This is the last webinar for Valley Oaks in their Covid-Care series. It is open to everyone in the state because it is funded by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Administration of Addiction and Mental Health Services.

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