Utopia companies are organizing a neighborhood party on July 15


Hattie Barham
One of the highlights of the rodeo action was the addition of female ranch bronc riding. The annual event, which brought together runners from Canada and Australia, took place this past weekend at Utopia Park.

In an effort to combat the scorching summer days, planning is underway for a “Beat the Heat Block Party” in historic downtown Utopia. Sarah’s Utopia, Main Street Utopia and Postal Brews as well as various community artisans will be open from 6-9 p.m. on July 15 for sipping and shopping fun.

Lee Winwright and his band will perform for street dancing and various food items will be available at Postal Brews. Sales will not be lacking in the shops and, who knows, other events may appear at party time. Call your friends, gather your family and plan to have a great time in our own community where it doesn’t take much gas to get there.

The three historic buildings occupied by these corporate sponsors have experienced many hot summers in their lifetime. Sarah’s shop housed Robert Haby’s dry cleaning business in the 1950s-60s. It wasn’t a new building then, but I’m not old enough to remember it before Haby kept us in clean woolen coats and pants. The smell of the cleaning chemical rose and fell on this side of the street. The beautiful old building on Main Street was built in 1945 for the Redden Mercantile grocery store and ice cream parlour. The small cooler, filled with large blocks of ice, has since been removed. The Postal Brews building was built as a new post office in the late 1960s. It has housed various eating establishments since the post office moved. It is wonderful that these old buildings are loved in our community.

Rodeo fun

The legendary Utopia Rodeo, held last weekend in the beautiful park, was very well attended and the EMS/Fire Brigade BBQ was delicious. Thanks to the many sponsors in the region, the winners left with a nice check in their pocket.

One of the highlights of the rodeo action was the addition of female ranch bronc riding. Young women from Canada, America and as far away as Australia are part of an organization just for them.

The Women’s Ranch Bronc Championship had over 250 members and the young women competed for points to earn a spot in the Championship Finals held at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.

The girls were thrilled to be at Utopia and had a great time riding even though there were a few narrow escapes. They loved visiting rodeo fans and autographing their photos. Of course, they had a nice T-shirt for sale.

The bronc riders were interviewed on the Cowboy Channel and the championship finals in Cheyenne will be televised on that station. These daring girls looking for new adventures were a breath of fresh air and added a lot of thrills to the annual rodeo.

Around the city

The inch of rain at my house was an incredible blessing, and I only wish it had been more widespread. Even my brother-in-law about a quarter mile away had only half that amount. I wanted to sit on the porch and enjoy it all, but the wind was blowing so hard I had to retreat. It may be a precursor to more rainy days to come.

It was nice having all the Claytons in town for their annual family reunion. It’s a big family and they like to get together on rodeo weekends.

Thank you to park board members and park hosts Ashley and Josh Dickerson for keeping the park and arena in good condition for the rodeo weekend. Keeping our park clean and ready for visitors is a full time job and we appreciate their hard work.

A group of community-minded ladies recently helped them clean up the town square on a hot afternoon. It really does take a village to keep our Utopia beautiful, and luckily we have plenty of citizens willing to do their part.

Utopia residents Adilyn Feller, 11, and Luke Sandoval, 5, hang out with a group of bronc riders during the legendary Utopia Rodeo.


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