UC1 SSL Plugin Controller Brings Legendary Workflow to Your DAW


SSL is revered for its consoles, but is on a mission to bring that workflow to the box. The latest installment: the UC1 plug-in controller.

Following their recent release of the UF8 Daw controller, Solid State Logic released the revolutionary UC1, a controller specially designed to give its user in-hand access to Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plugins. Consistent with older SSL products, the UC1 offers recognized ergonomics and multifunction control over the two plugins.

The key component of UC1 is the SSL 360 ° plug-in mixer, which gives its users complete control over all Channel Strip and Bus Compressor instances through a virtual console accessible through your desktop or laptop computer, and through therefore, a studio and console-style mixing experience.

The virtual mixer interface offered by the UC1
Photo: solid state logic

The hardware side of the UC1 screams high-end, with what SSL calls “ studio-grade ” encoders, switches, and feedback LEDs, along with a coil-bus compressor gain reduction counter. mobile. All of this is enclosed in a full metal case with a brushed and anodized top plate and connects to your device via USB.

UC1 is booted up and ready for use the second you plug it in, with licenses for Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 that ship with the unit.

Presentation image of SSL UC1
Photo: solid state logic

SSL Managing Director Nigel Beaumont made a statement regarding UC1, excited about the potential it offers.

“With the addition of UC1, we now offer a series of affordable, studio-quality production hardware controllers with our signature SSL design approach,” he says.

From recording and mixing music production to demanding audio finesse for post-production, the UC1 adds a level of detailed control and response to classic SSL EQs and compression not found in traditionally than on a full-fledged SSL console. With plans to expand our plugin offerings in the future, we will be bringing more of our heritage and modern processing tools to these exciting products. “

The UC1 is currently available for US $ 849 plus tax. For more information, watch the video below or visit the Solid State Logic website here.

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