Trespassers Create Chaos in East Harlem Development NYCHA


EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) – A resident of Corsi Houses described an increase in intruders as “a real epidemic”.

According to Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs, a broken gateway to NYCHA development has led to a long list of serious security issues. He said intruders came and went at all hours of the day – using drugs, defecating in the hallway and engaging in other illegal activities.

He walked PIX11 News’ Ayana Harry down a flight of development, and it wasn’t long before the rubbish could be seen – and felt. Unfortunately, this has become an all-too-common greeting for development.

“I have a weak stomach,” Gibbs said. “I threw up just looking at the defecation on the wall on the stairs.”

Tenant association president Allie Eason called residents in for a meeting on Wednesday. They all gathered documents about ongoing issues, like the time they found someone sleeping in the hall of the building.

Eason said locals took pictures and wrote emails about the situation, but nothing was done. The tenants association told PIX11 News that in the past three weeks, intruders have broken into at least two apartments in the building, which is intended for New York seniors.

“A young man was naked walking up and down the steps,” Gibbs said. “[One resident] was just horrified.

NYCHA told PIX11 News it is working to “address the re-emergence of security issues.” Repairs were made twice to the development doors, and NYCHA said a third repair would be made. Additionally, foot patrols have increased to deter crime.


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