Trade reforms in the new Tianfu region promote greater development opportunities


In order to boost market vitality and foster quality development, the region recently launched a comprehensive business environment reform plan in 2022, ushering in the 4.0 era to optimize its business environment.

Focusing on six dimensions – public service, construction of key projects, market resources, legal system, market equity and innovation and entrepreneurship – the plan introduces 63 specific measures in 20 areas.

The plan specifies that the year 2022 should be an important period for the zone to promote the integrated reform of the business environment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing demand for remote tax service processing. The tax office of Tianfu New Area then seized the opportunity to build a one-stop service platform and transform the tax collection platform into an “online tax service room” integrating consultation and processing functions.

The tax office has also set up hierarchical, precise and efficient consultation methods to obtain quick answers to simple and frequently asked questions.

In the future, taxpayers will benefit from even more convenient and intelligent tax services in the region. According to the plan, the tax bureau will continue to optimize tax service modes with the aim of realizing one-stop service for 140 enterprises.

The optimization and improvement of tax services is the quintessence of the continuous reform of the business environment in Tianfu New Areaofficials said.

Tianfu New Area will continue to optimize service capacity for businesses throughout the lifecycle and create a “one-stop” service mode, promoting services such as online business cancellation and license application electronics.

It will continue to unleash the momentum of innovation and entrepreneurship by enhancing their vitality and introducing more talents.

According to the plan, in 2022, Tianfu New Area will concern the development of six major scientific and technological infrastructure projects, four interdisciplinary research platforms and six scientific and educational infrastructure projects.

SOURCE Sichuan Tianfu New Area


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