To improve security, WhatsApp Web now has a browser plugin


WhatsApp on the web is an easy way to use the messaging service on a computer without having to download an application. However, there is always potential for malicious actors attempting to trick individuals on the Internet. With this in mind, WhatsApp has released a browser extension that checks whether users are on the official web version of WhatsApp or on a modified page that may steal data and install malware, among other things.

It is simple to use the browser extension based security solution. Just search for Code Verify in the Chrome web store, click the blue Add to Chrome button, and you’re good to go. For now, Code Verify only works on Chrome, Edge and Mozilla Firefox, but a version suitable for Safari is also in development.

Once the browser extension is installed and pinned to the toolbar, it will automatically start performing its code checking job whenever users visit the WhatsApp webpage. And to inform users about the status of the activity, a system of color-coded indicators has been put in place. A green icon means everything is fine and there is no security risk.

If the Code Verify icon shows an orange circle with a question mark, it’s a sign that the network request has timed out. An orange alert means the network connection may be stable or something is interfering with the verification process. To fix this, try reloading the page, changing Wi-Fi networks, or pausing other browser extensions.

Meta ensures that the Code Verify extension does not interfere with the privacy aspect. It will not log any activity data, collect metadata, or access any user information on its own. More importantly, the extension does not allow anyone to peek into the messages because they are end-to-end encrypted, just like they are on the mobile app.

A red flag with an exclamation mark is a sign that the source code could not be verified, and it is a possible security risk. In such a scenario, disable other extensions and reload the WhatsApp webpage to see if the warning sign disappears.

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  • To improve security, WhatsApp Web now has a browser plugin
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