‘The Omen’ Prequel ‘The First Omen’ in development


It looks like the horror franchise that started with the omen in 1976 will soon come back to life. This time, however, fans will receive a prequel to the events that took place in the original. Presage film.

This information comes from Deadline, where it was revealed that the project is in development at 20th Century Studios. As they revealed:

“20th Century Studios is in development on The First Omen, a prequel to the original 1976 Fox film The Omen, with episodic Legion and Briarpatch director Arkasha Stevenson making her directorial debut.”

Interestingly, Arkasha Stevenson is also involved in a script rewrite for the film.

“Stevenson will also handle the rewrite, alongside writing partner Tim Smith. Smith is set to executive produce with Phantom Four producing.

As for those producing for Phantom Four, it has been revealed that David S. Goyer and Keith Levine are attached, along with Gracie Wheelan overseeing the production label.

This is obviously a project in its infancy. However, it was previously under construction before. In fact, early talk for a prequel to the omen happened in 2016. While it’s unclear if any story details from the film’s previous development cycle will be carried over, there seems to be more energy in this attempt to revive the project. . With Disney’s 20th Century Studios involved, it seems likely there will be added incentive to revive that IP address for the screen.

The last installment of the franchise was released in 2006. The film, titled the omenwas a complete remake of its 1976 predecessor. As for the original film, however, it was followed by the theatrical sequels Damien: Omen II in 1978 and Omen III: The Final Conflict in 1981. A fourth film, a TV movie titled Omen IV: The Awakeningwas released in 1991. The last episode was a television series titled Damian released in 2016 which directly followed the events of the original film.


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