Save on BIAS plugins and the Spark amplifier with this exceptional offer from Positive Grid


That you are a father who plays the guitar and you leave clues for a Father’s Day treat, or just looking for some great bargains before this year’s Prime Day, Positive Grid might have you covered. An ever-growing name in the world of software and guitar plugins, their BIAS FX and Amp packages deliver some really huge sounds for not a lot of money – and this deal is a great opportunity to spend even less. up to 50% off all Positive Grid BIAS products until June 20.

Positive Grid isn’t just a software company – their Spark smart guitar amp has obviously struck a chord with guitarists around the world over the past year and a half, and rightly so. The Positive Grid Spark is a 40 watt smart combined amplifier with 30 amp models, capable of everything from bright, crisp cleans to squeak-inducing dirt. Along with 40 assorted built-in effects, some smart game-changing features like Smart Jam and Auto Chord. To learn more about these killer features, take a look at the full Positive opinion on the Spark grid.

BIAS FX 2 & AMP 2 positive grid: up to 50% discount
Let’s listen to it for music makers in June with big savings on BIAS products from Positive Grid. If you are familiar with Positive Grid, you already know how powerful and impressive their BIAS software is. With BIAS FX 2, you’ll have access to a massive library of amazing guitar effects, and BIAS Amp 2 lets you play with your favorite amps – or design your own. Save up to 50% and enjoy an extra 10% off with promo code DADSGRADS. See the offer

Positive grid spark: Save $ 30 / £ 21 and get a free carry bag
If you’ve had the chance to climb out from under your rock in the past year or so, you’ll probably know all about Positive Grid’s Spark. A smart drive amp powered by the BIAS tone engine, the Spark can recall any of over 10,000 tones for you to enjoy. With smart features like Smart Jam and Auto Chords, the Spark can be a powerful training tool, or one of the most ridiculously fun desktop amps on the market. Save a tasty $ 30/21, Get a Free Traveler Carry Bag, and even save an extra $ 10 with the code SAVE10. See the offer

Are you looking for a good deal? Prime Day 2021 will take place on June 21-22, and we’ll be sharing the best deals on our Prime Day Guitars Offers page.

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