RLHT Hosts Third Rangeley Bird Watching Festival – Bulldog


Guide Steve Hale and the participants on Saddleback Mountain.

RANGELEY – With co-sponsor Maine Audubon, Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Rangeley Bird Watching Festival, to be held in person from June 10-13, 2021.

The Rangeley Lakes region is the premier birding destination for rare and sought-after species in New England. In the heart of Maine’s lush boreal forest, Rangeley is a convenient center for finding Nordic specialties like the black-backed woodpecker, spruce grouse, and boreal tit, as well as breeding warblers, including Cape May, laurel chest and mourning. One of the excursions on offer, a day hike on Mount Saddleback, will focus on Bicknell’s Thrush, one of the rarest and most localized spawners in North America.

While other festivals hope to catch birds on their migration, they have reached their destination in Rangeley and are in their territory. Birds are more reliable and display different behaviors than during migration. No other festival in New England offers such convenient access to so many boreal birds.

World-class guides will share their knowledge of the rich birdlife that flourishes at the intersection of northern forest, stunning clear lakes and high peaks in western Maine. For more information on the festival, visit rlht.org.

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust has conserved 14,000 acres in the Rangeley Lakes region, with 39 miles of recreational trails for anyone to explore. Open from dawn to dusk, conservation areas are accessible for exploration, hiking, photography, bird watching, family outings, inspiration and adventure.

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