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Plugins used by Habstrakt

Bass house producer Habstrakt actively broadcasts on Twitch, sharing his musical prowess with aspiring music producers. Gathering information from its live streams, here you will find the list of plugins used by Habstrakt. This list will hopefully give you some insight and inspiration for your future electronic music productions.

Plugins used by Habstrakt

1. Fabfilter Pro L2

One of the best known and most versatile limiters. It is very transparent and essential for many producers and mastering engineers. This limiter is primarily used to increase the overall level or volume of a signal without the artifacts that lower quality limiters tend to produce.

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2. Fabfilter Pro Q 3

The equalizer is probably the most used plugin in any production. The Fabfilter Pro Q 3 equalizer is top-notch, with unique linear phase, zero latency, and natural phase modes. The only downside to this eq is that it is a little insensitive to the CPU compared to its competitors.

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3. DMG audio quality

This equalizer might not have the best user interface, but it’s a beast and on top of that it uses very little CPU power. When you use many instances of vst plugins, you will feel the difference with this eq. It is an amazing tool because it has a range of +/- 36db and filters up to 48db of sweepable frequencies.

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4. Valhalla Room

Valhalla Room is true algorithmic stereo reverb and has crisp natural sound. This reverberation can create atmospheres, rooms, halls, plate sounds, modulated spaces, etc.

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5. Xfer Serum

Programmed by Steve Duda, this plugin has found its way into most of the productions we hear in modern electronic music today. Serum is a wavetable synthesizer that has many ways to interact within itself, with envelopes and LFOs that can be selected to modulate different parameters in a way few synthesizers can, giving this advantage. to Serum who captivated many, to create or load your own wavetables and stir them with a simple drag and drop.

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6. S1 stereo imager

S1 is a stereo imager, it works by widening or reducing the width of a stereo sound, transforming it into mono or giving more width, but be careful, a little goes a long way as it can create phasing problems. ‘it is misused.

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7. Arturia Jupiter 8V

Jupiter 8v is Arturia’s latest emulation of the original Roland Jupiter synthesizer which is considered by many to be the best synthesizer ever. Creating 80s pads, amazing leads, brass and bass sounds is easy and can be spiced up with the new modulation step sequencer. It has three LFOs and an advanced panel that allows you to add a custom dynamic response and finally, the digital effect panel with 11 new effects.

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8. Valhalla Vintage Verb

Valhalla Vintage Verb is an emulation of reverbs from the 70s and 80s. It has 18 different reverb algorithms. The color button lets you switch between the 70s, 80s, and NOW, but there are a few differences. The ’70s’ color’ gives you a darker feel and a bit of random noises that feel vintage. The 80s look a lot like the 70s but with less artifacts and they are a bit brighter. NOW is their clean, colorless option, making it a modern option without all of the awesome artifacts.

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9. Scope of Voxengo

It is the most popular free spectrum analysis plugin on the market. It is a real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer. Very low on the processor compared to some that can do the same. Use it in Mid-Side, Stereo or even multi-channel analysis, which can let you see two different channels or groups at the same time in the interface.


ten. Rave generator

Rave Generator is a very old bubbler, it is a free vst plugin which has many famous 90s rave / hardcore electronic signature sounds. This old-fashioned stab rave plugin is one of the few still in use at this time.


Ableton stock plugins

The list of plugins used by Habstrakt includes many vsts from Ableton, as it relies heavily on them for its productions. Some of the plugins he used during his live broadcasts include:

1. Operator: Classic subtractive and additive synthesizer + FM.

2. Overdrive: Distortion plugin

3. Saturator: Saturation plugin

4. OTT: On the upper compressor

5. EQ Eight: Equalizer

6. FFrequency shifter: Audio effect that shifts frequencies up or down

7. AAutomatic panning: Panoramic effect

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Image credits: Habstrakt’s Facebook

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