Plugin Hybrid Hackathon for IT Developers on March 27


From any perspective, by organizing this hybrid hackathon, the organizers aim to create unique opportunities for IT developers around the world and explore new ideas on Blockchain technologies.

Registration is open to participants who are invited to register individually or as a team. To make it more lively, Hackathon participants will have a whole day of fun, coding and a chance to win a total prize of XDC tokens worth $10,000. Each participant will also receive PLI tokens worth $100 in addition to the participation certificate. In addition to the aforementioned rewards, attendees will have the chance to “meet and greet” investors and pitch their Blockchain ideas for seed investing during the Hackathon!

The hackathon will be addressed by various experts in addition to the following distinguished speakers:

Ritesh Kakkad, Co-Founder @XinFin, Early Investor, Blockchain Strategist; Srinivas Mahankali, Commercial Director-Blockchain (APAC) at SecureKloud Technologies; Vijaya Marisetty, Professor of Fintech and Financial Analysis, University of Twente and University of Hyderabad; Murthy Chitlur, technologist, author, leader! Blockchain, DeFi, Fintech New Street Technologies Pvt Ltd. ; Manohara K, Founder and CEO of Unmarshal; Vinay Krishna, founder and CEO of LedgerFi IT solutions; Baljeet Malhotra, Founder and CEO – TeejLab Inc. among others.

During the event, IT developers and software enthusiasts interested in Blockchain technology will have the opportunity to leverage Oracle’s Decentralized Plugin service for their use cases. Such as the following use cases per segment.

1. Finances: Development of price flows; Build synthetic assets; External payments.

2. Decentralized Finance Application (Defi): Staking Protocol; Yield farming.

3. Insurance: Using the weather data API, create a decentralized application (also known as dapps) that helps farmers/agriculture claim insurance; Use the weather data API, create a Dapp that helps passengers purchase insurance and claim.

4. Health Care: With the help of portable data, doctors/insurance providers can determine the patient’s health condition and provide it.

5. NFT / Metaverse: use the randomization function to create a dynamic NFT; Create an application, such as NFT Minting, NFT Gaming; NFT market; metaverse; Tokenization of physical assets on the platform; Launch of the NFT project.

6. Environment: Energy trading; Air Pollution, Contaminants; Waste Management; Water Management.

7. Supply chain: Origin of products. 8. Other: Custom or any other use case.

Plugin (PLI), a secure and scalable decentralized Oracle platform, provides cost-effective solutions to any smart contract, which runs on the XDC network. The plugin allows the smart contract to connect to the world in real time and the data it receives from the data feed partners is trusted maintaining a high degree of security. Off-chain computation supports receiving a stream from multiple providers and aggregating it.

Registration site:

Venue: Aryaam Hall, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Healthcare City, Dubai


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