Plug-in cars gain 10% market share in April 2021


Sales of plug-in electric cars in China continue to grow very rapidly, exceeding 175,000 in April, which is 173% more one year ago.

According to EV Sales Blog, this is the second consecutive month of double-digit market share (ten%), after 11% in March. All-electric cars account for 8.2% of the volume, which means plug-in hybrids are at 1.8%.

Since the start of the year, sales of new rechargeable electric passenger cars have amounted to 666,572, also 10% of the total market (of which 8.1% for BEVs).

The Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV remains the best-selling electric vehicle by volume with more than 29,000 units (the figures are significantly different from those of 26,592 reported by CPCA). This tiny EV is already over 125,000 YTD.

Tesla Model 3 is the first among “ normal ” electric cars with 6,264 units, followed by BYD Han BEV (5,746), Li Xiang One EREV (5,539) and Tesla Model Y (5,407).

The first five of the month:

  1. Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV – 29 251
  2. Tesla Model 3-6 264
  3. BYD Han (BEV) – 5,746
  4. Li Xiang One EREV – 5,539
  5. Tesla Model Y – 5,407

The new BYD Qin Plus PHEV with blade battery scored a solid 3603. The Chinese Volkswagen ID.4 scored some 1644 units (922 ID.4X and 722 ID.4 Crozz).

Since the start of the year, the Tesla Model 3 has been well ahead of any other comparable electric car in China (over 59,000 units), while the Tesla Model Y sits in a solid fifth place with aspirations for more.

After the first four months, already 15 models exceeded 10,000 units since the start of the year.

Top 20 models for the month and for the year by EV Sales Blog:


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