Ms. Hinch fans share a cheaper way to scent your home without using plugins


Fans of cleaning influencer Ms. Hinch share ways they manage to keep their home fresh without using plug-in air fresheners.

Since April 1, families in Yorkshire and across the country have seen their energy bills rise amid the cost of living crisis. Energy bosses have warned MPs that up to 40% of households could be in fuel poverty over the coming winter.

As a result, many families are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption in any way possible.

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Ms Hinch fan Mel Brown said rising energy bills prompted her to decide to stop using plug-in air fresheners. She asked other fans for advice on how she could save money and protect her home from the smell of her two dogs.

Ms Hinch’s enthusiasts were quick to hop on Facebook and offer her advice – with plenty of different options.

Jay Mulla wrote: “The wax melts. I use Jemzmelts….the scents are the best and longest lasting I have ever tried and they are excellent value for money.”

Melted wax proved a popular suggestion, with dozens of people saying they also used melted wax and recommended their favorite vendors and scents.

Mandy Baker commented: “Lidl’s reed diffusers are brilliant and cost just £3.49.”

Many others have also suggested reed diffusers, saying they can last “months and months”. Angela Renney has recommended the ASDA Cherry Blossom Reed Diffusers, normally £5, but has indicated in the past that she has offered them for £3.

Other popular suggestions included scented candles, incense sticks – although many also cautioned to check scents were safe for dogs. Several Ms. Hinch fans have reported using Zoflora sprays.

Caroline Corcoran suggested using Lenor washing powder on clothes and then drying laundry indoors, or using a regular spray air freshener. Anne Jones shared a “clean air” air freshener she got from Home Bargains.

Sarah March said: “I use fabric softener mixed with water in a spray bottle, quick spray on any fabric, even eliminates dog smell and lasts all day.”

Others have suggested a good old fashioned opening of the windows regularly to keep the house cool.

What are your tips for refreshing your home at a lower cost? Drop them in the comments below!

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