Model your equipment and turn it into a plugin with the new AmpliTube Tonex software from IK Multimedia


Following the announcement (opens in a new tab) of its new AI Machine Modeling technology, IK Multimedia has unveiled a new software “ecosystem” called Tonex, which is designed to go hand-in-hand with the new technology.

While AI machine modeling itself allows electric guitarists to model the sound of any of their guitar amps, cabs, or gain pedals, Tonex software allows users to turn those models into a plugin.

IK’s AmpliTube Tonex consists of four products in total: Tonex for Mac/PC, Tonex App, Tonex in ToneNET and Tonex Capture.

Tonex for Mac/PC works standalone or as a plug-in for all major DAWs for guitarists, and has two main sections: the Machine Modeler, where AI Machine Modeling tone models are captured and generated, and the Player , where tone patterns can be searched, browsed, played and their sound customized.

The player features a sound editing section with full EQ, noise gate, pre and post compressor, depth and presence controls, high quality reverb and VIR, Volumetric Impulse Response technology of the company, with several IRs per cabinet.

The amps and cabinets captured as tone models can also be separated, so users can experiment with their own IRs or use the VIR to access hundreds of virtual cabinets and IRs. All of this can then be saved to a tone pattern preset.

Tonex for Mac/PC will be available in three versions with the exact same features, but a different number of tone models included – Tonex SE (200-tone models), Tonex (400-tone models) and Tonex MAX (1,000-tone models). tones). A free version will also be available for sampling.

Next is the Tonex app, which is available both as a standalone app or as an AU plug-in for all major mobile DAWs, and includes the same Player section as the Tonex Mac/PC software. The Tonex app and Mac/PC software’s tone pattern library work in sync, so any user’s tone pattern collection can be played on any device.

The four versions of IK Multimedia's new Tonex software

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Tonex SE will ring at $/€99 until September (when its price will increase to $/€149), Tonex will be priced at $/€149 until September (with an increase to $/€249 thereafter) , while Tonex MAX is priced at $/€249 until September, when its price will hit $/€399.

Tonex Capture, on the other hand, is available for $/€199 right now, with pricing up to $/€249 in September. Tonex SE is included with the purchase of Capture.

For more information on all things Tonex, visit the IK Multimedia website (opens in a new tab).


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