Minecraft plugin offers players a functional chessboard


The Minecraft player presents a plugin that adds a fully playable chess board to the game, adding to the chess renaissance over the past year.

Chess has experienced a renaissance over the past year, and it looks like the centuries-old game can now be played in Minecraft with a simple plugin. Minecraft started as a small project in 2009. The game is now on the cusp of updates 1.17 and 1.18, both scheduled for release later this year. MinecraftBedrock Edition also receives occasional updates and DLCs, the most recent Minecraft DLC being a crossover with How to train your dragon.

Minecraft is a world in which creativity reigns above all. Thanks to incredibly ingenious mods, plugins, builds and servers, the game is more alive than ever. Many people use Minecraft to put their development skills into practice. A builder has succeeded in creating a Minecraft island which is generated much like the rest of the world in Minecraft. The game has endless potential, including being a great game for letting off steam or having fun with friends.

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However, sometimes the most interesting Minecraft additions are the simplest. Reddit user cup0fcode recently posted a video of a working chess board in the game. It’s even ready to calculate and show the edge on either side, much like many chess platforms online. According to the user, this is thanks to a plugin that strictly uses Vanilla Minecraft mechanical. While other board games like Index were somehow recreated in Minecraft, chess has a special appeal because of its recent resurgence.

In general, recreating games in other games has become a big news feat. This includes giving Minecraft gamers have the option to play other games during the game or recreate important items from them. Big games tend to get a lot of attention in this area. A recreation of Link’s house from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a recent example of the gaming community using Minecraft to show their love for more of their favorite games.

Many of these versions tend to get a lot of attention. While implementing chess is a feat in itself, it is more impressive in the backend than the frontend. Often the most exciting and fascinating Minecraft the achievements are more visual. From reconstructions of Italian churches to complex additions to the game and mods, Minecraft designers have a lot to offer, and as long as people have imagination, Minecraft will have a place in the game. Between updates from developer Mojang, Minecraft players never have to look far for something new and exciting.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: cup0fcode / Reddit

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