LaKeith Stanfield spoke about hosting a Clubhouse room where users told Jewish attendees ‘Hitler was right’


  • Lakeith stanfield talked about the controversy Flag room he attended.
  • Some users participating in the discussion made hateful anti-Semitic comments.
  • Stanfield told the Daily Beast that he rejects hate speech and “hatred is not for debate”.

LaKeith Stanfield spoke about moderating a Clubhouse chat earlier this month that ended with anti-Semitic remarks from some users.

Stanfield, an actor best known for his roles in “Sorry to Bother You” and “Get Out,” attended a Clubhouse Room for people to debate figures such as Louis Farrakhan – the founder of Nation of Islam known for his comments anti-Semitic.

In an interview with The Daily BeastPosted on Saturday, Stanfield said he didn’t know much about Farrakhan beforehand but was “interested” in the topic and expected it to be “balanced”. “I certainly don’t align with Louis Farrakhan. I don’t support him,” he told the Daily Beast. “Any kind of hate speech, I vehemently reject it. It is not for debate. Hate is not for debate.”

Clubhouse is an audio-only application where users can participate in panels or listen to the conversations of others. Many famous names have jumped on the trend, including Elon Musk, Jared Leto, and Tiffany Haddish.

Some participants in the discussion told The Daily Beast they need to explain why anti-semitism“was offensive, or to debate hate speech such as” Hitler was right “, or that the Jewish heritage” is not real. “


“It was so chaotic in the room, there were a few explosions,” Stanfield said, explaining that he was appointed moderator when he wanted to ask a question. “I think I remember someone who said something about ‘all Jews run the world’ or something crazy, and that was one of the people I dismissed in the audience. . “

He added that he was “caught off guard” because he hadn’t created the Clubhouse room and had stepped away from his phone for a while. He didn’t think the conversation was going in a hateful direction, he said. But when he returned, it was “chaos,” he said. “The next few days there are conversations about what happened in this room,” he said. “I was really surprised by a lot of things that I was hearing and going on in the room because a lot of these things that I just wasn’t there for. So I was like, ‘Wow, c ‘is terrible.’ ”

Prior to the interview, Stanfield posted on social media that “going off the beaten track comes at a cost”. He then deleted it and apologized. The apology message has also been deleted.

Stanfield told the Daily Beast he now realizes Clubhouse is not the best place to learn about issues and that he will be spending time outside of social media.

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