Japan extends government support for AMU development


Japan is stepping up its promotion of urban air mobility (UAM), announcing new government initiatives in the development and deployment of a wide range of small craft in cities across the country.

Next Generation Aviation Mobility Planning Office

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said this week it has created a brand new administration to oversee preparations for the UAM. This next-generation aviation mobility planning office is responsible for planning and enforcing regulatory and safety measures to govern UAM activity. Relying on a full-time staff of 22 officials, the unit will focus on operational, security, registration, maintenance and other aspects of the UAM service which will need to be fully detailed and framed in regulations. evolving.

This work will oversee unmanned drone flights for delivery, surveillance, inspections and other urban business uses, as well as future UAM piloted air taxi services and other transport services. As part of its mission, the Office will interface with the Aircraft Technology Examination Center. This unit of the Security Department of the Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan is responsible for monitoring and directing the development of aircraft mobility devices and systems.

Increased state support for the development of drones

In a related case, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism also indicated that it plans to regularize flights beyond line-of-sight operations by 2023. This is the same year as the Japan intends to start regular service with passenger drones and other UAM craft. in Japan.

The Japanese government has given considerable weight to the domestic drone industry and encouraged its development despite maintaining relatively strict regulations for business operations. The establishment of the Next Generation Aviation Mobility Planning Office is another step in the growing government support for the use of drones – providing businesses and private actors with a central agency to guide UAM activity. .

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