How to create a region with the WorldGuard Minecraft plugin


WorldGuard is one of the most essential plugins for Minecraft servers. It has millions of unique downloads and many servers depend on it to protect themselves from grief and also to create regions of land with different properties.

For those new to running a Minecraft server, WorldGuard is often one of the first things to learn before the server can go public. One of the most basic things to do with WorldGuard is to create a protected region.

How to make a region on a Minecraft server with WorldGuard?

First, for WorldGuard to work properly, server administrators must first ensure that WorldEdit is installed on a server running Spigot or Paper. WorldEdit is a prerequisite for WorldGuard and is a core dependency.

Once WorldEdit and WorldGuard are installed, players can move on to setting up their first WorldGuard region by following the steps below:

Setting up a WorldGuard protected region on a Minecraft server:

Step 1) In order to create a region, players will first need to obtain a WorldEdit wand. This can be done by simply typing the command //Magic wand

If successful, players will receive a wooden axe. This is the tool that is used to make WorldGuard selections.

2nd step) With wand in hand, players can now create a region of their choosing. This can be done by selecting opposite corners to create a box shape.

Corner #1 is selected by left-clicking on a block, corner #2 is selected by right-clicking on a block. The newly created box will be the region space. For those unsure, a helpful video can be found below on the region creation process.

Step 3) Once the corners are selected, players can now type the command: /region creates

If everything was successful, a chat message should appear stating that the region was successfully created in Minecraft.

Step 4) The final, and perhaps most vital, step is to set the flags for the region. These flags will determine how the region behaves when someone is in it. To disable PvP players can type /region flag pvp deny In order to disable building, players can type /region flag build deny

There are many WorldGuard flags, which can do all sorts of different things. If it can be thought of, there is most likely a WorldGuard flag for it. All WorldGuard flags and their details can be found here.

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