Governor Kemp Announces Record Year for Economic Development


He held a press conference celebrating the success of the state under his administration.

ATLANTA — Governor Brian Kemp is once again touting Georgia as the best state in which to do business, highlighting a banner year for economic development.

A day after Stacey Abrams, who is running against the gubernatorial incumbent, announced her economic plan, Kemp sees a successful fiscal year 2022 as a political point to keep him in office.

“From day one, my administration has prioritized creating jobs and investment in every corner of our state,” he said in a prepared statement. “We constantly set records, only to break them the following year because we were never content to rest on our laurels.”

Kemp goes on to describe Georgia as having a business-friendly environment, adding that the state’s economic success is also due to its logistics network and workforce training program.

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Statistics provided by the governor’s office indicate that investments in extensions totaled more than $21.2 billion and 51,132 jobs. That excludes “the two largest projects in state history” Rivian and Hyundai Motor Group, a press release said.

Figures show that 85% of investment and more than 30,000 new jobs came from outside the Atlanta metro area, officials said.

Those are just a few highlights that Kemp shared with a sizzle reel as his backdrops noted the industries hit by the record year for this kind of economic growth.

“Through careful budgeting and careful planning by those here today, our public revenues continue to be at historic levels without raising a penny in Georgians’ taxes on their people or your businesses,” Kemp said. at an event under the Golden Dome.

During his speech on Capitol Hill in Georgia, Kemp once again blasted President Biden’s administration, adding that the state’s economic success is not a burden on the people it serves — unlike “inflation caused by bad policies emanating from Washington DC”.

Kemp stopped short of recognizing his opponent in the race for governor.

Just a day before, Abrams revealed his plan for how to use the state’s $5 billion surplus, which includes long-term investments in Georgia’s youth, rural people and small businesses without raise state taxes. This plan also includes bringing sports betting and casinos to Georgia.


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