Get Baby Audio plugins for free in We Rave You Tech Giveaway


Get free Baby Audio plugins in We Rave You Tech x Baby Audio Giveaway

Baby Audio has some of the most exciting mixer and effects plugins available on the market. From today you will be able to get amazing Baby Audio plugins for free in this giveaway. Curious about how to participate? Below you will find all the information about the gift.


1st prize: Set of all plugins

This bundle will include all premium Baby Audio plugins: Smooth Operator, Spaced Out, Super VHS, Parallel Aggressor, Comeback Kid and I Heart NY. These plugins will take your mixing process to the next level. This price is worth more than $ 300 and will only be assigned 1 winner.

2nd prize: Smooth operator plugin

The latest addition to the Baby Audio arsenal is this smart signal balancer that works as an equalizer, compressor and suppressor. Its large visual screen will allow you to control the frequency spectrum thanks to its different equalization points. The plugin interface contains an automatic detection algorithm which, for example, will remove hard frequencies for you. Use the Focus function to control the surgical operation of the plugin. Solo different parts of the spectrum by activating the Solo function, and last but not least, you can use the Side Chain mode to attenuate the incoming signal by using the frequency balance of another signal. This plugin is normally available for the regular price of $ 69. This plugin will be allocated free of charge to 3 winners.

3rd prize: Spaced

Spaced Out combines delay and reverb, forming this virtual multi-effects device. Its layout divides these 2 effects into 2 distinct sections, where you can control them with 1 wet / dry screen. Control the space, pre-delay, cleanup, and reverb width as well as the delay pattern, intensity, texture, and filter using multiple knobs. Roll the dice and be amazed by the random settings that Spaced Out will give you. This plugin is available for $ 69 and will be awarded for free at 3 winners.

When will the winners be announced?

The contest will last 1 month and the winners will be announced in the last week of June. All participants will receive an email confirming their participation.

Where to participate?

You can enter this contest by entering your email, first name and last name on the contest page by clicking the button below.


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