Four WordPress website design trends to follow


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As an online business, your website is a powerful asset and you need it to make a good first impression. By keeping up to date with the latest web design trends, you’ll be on your way to converting point browsers into loyal visitors and paying customers. To set up your website successfully, here are four WordPress website design trends to follow.

Why it’s important to follow web design trends

When designing a website, there is always a temptation to stand out by creating something unexpected. Although defying expectations can ring as a good idea, unique sites often struggle to deliver a strong user experience (UX).

Trends in web design exist for a reason. Usually, they represent the most popular and widely used approaches today. Follow these trends and visitors will immediately know how to engage with your site.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t bend the rules and inject part of your personality and brand identity in your website. However, before you can get creative, it helps to have a solid understanding of what is popular in the web design world.

Four WordPress website design trends to watch out for

When it comes to website design, we’ve been keeping up with the latest trends. To keep your website relevant, here are four of the most important developments.

1. Flexible multipurpose themes

Multipurpose themes allow you to build virtually any type of website. They often include many feature lists and several built-in tools. Some popular examples of multipurpose WordPress themes include Divi and the Avada theme.

Multipurpose themes are ideal for anyone who has multiple websites. Instead of buying a different theme for each site, you can use one multipurpose theme across all of your domains.

In this way, using multifunctional designs can allow you to consolidate your branding and give your entire portfolio a professional makeover.

2. Minimalism and white space

Sometimes less is more. If you take a look at some of the top brands, you’ll see that many websites include white space in their designs. This design trend involves the use of large white sections between text and images.

White space can create a distinction between different sections. In turn, this can help visitors better understand your content.

If you really want to draw the visitor’s attention to a particular feature, try creating a slight 3D effect by adding subtle shadows. This technique is also useful for “softening” a page that uses a lot of contrasting white space and colored elements.

3. Use of interactive website elements

Take a look at many South African websites and you will notice an evolution towards rich multimedia websites with multiple points of interaction. Vital, for example, has a scrolling header, embedded videos, a form, and several calls to action (CTAs) on its homepage.

Page builders are an easy way to add multiple elements to your websites with minimal coding knowledge. The starter sites included with Managed WordPress Hosting make it easy to build a professional-looking website with all of the rich, interactive content people come to expect:

Most modern page builders also provide some pre-built elements that you can use to quickly build a professional website. Some even offer ready-to-use templates.

4. Compelling video backgrounds

As humans, we are naturally drawn to moving images. In fact, in 2020, Internet users watched 12.2 billion minutes of video, or 23,211 years of content.

A video background can be a powerful way to make your website more attractive. In addition to capturing the visitor’s attention, you can also use this media element to effectively communicate an emotional message.

For example, 365 Digital uses a video background to show the effectiveness of its advertising solutions.

However, videos can take a large chunk of your visitors’ data allowances and put smaller devices under increased pressure. With over 36 million South Africans using the internet from their mobile devices, this represents a significant portion of your potential audience.

To justify the extra data and processing power, we recommend that you use a video background only when it meets your website’s goals and serves a clear purpose.

Align your brand with WordPress website design trends

Your website is a crucial part of your online branding. To stand out in today’s competitive digital space, it helps to be up to date with the latest trends in WordPress website design. Once you’ve made them your own, you should have no problem wowing potential customers.


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