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Flexi IT is proud to announce that it has been ranked among the best WordPress developments and the 3rd among the best web development companies in Ukraine in 2021 by IT companies.

According to IT companies, what sets Flexi IT apart is the combination of “strong technological expertise and a customer-centric approach”. The ranking notes that Flexi IT is focused on “improving its WordPress development skills by acquiring in-depth knowledge on the best use of WordPress themes, its premium template, the advanced plugins offered by the CMS and the design of a site. Powerful Web ”. These features enable Flexi IT to create software products of unmatched value for businesses and end users.

Flexi IT hopes to maintain its leadership position as a leading WordPress development company by designing robust and interactive products to support customer activities.

About Flexi IT

Flexi IT is a top performing boutique web development company. It offers a full cycle of software development services from initial concept to fast, high-quality implementation. Flexi IT has extensive practical expertise in full web development, WordPress development, CRM development, UX / UI design, and business analysis.

Flexi IT is a company based in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, founded in 2014. During its 7 years of history, Flexi IT has become a reliable partner for web development for more than 100 clients worldwide. Flexi IT uses cutting edge technologies to provide perfect software solutions for various business areas including e-commerce, real estate, banking and education.
Flexi IT specializes in CMS and WordPress development offering a full range of high quality WordPress development services. Whether it’s theme or plugin development, SEO or page speed optimization, WooCommerce site development, or website networking, our knowledgeable and experienced team provide full support. They also create tailor-made solutions for customizing WordPress to fit perfectly with each business. To learn more about the range of WordPress development services, see the Flexi IT page.

In addition to the excellent mastery of technologies and first-rate tools, our fundamental priorities are transparency, communication and customer first approach. Flexi IT has a simple workflow that is easy to understand and follow. Another pillar of the business is fast and open communication with customers, which builds long-term relationships of trust. And finally, Flexi IT aims for excellent customer experience and satisfaction. This is why before getting to work on each project, Flexi IT learns in detail the customer’s expectations, the functionalities and the objectives of the product. Such an approach guarantees exceptional results on every project and makes customers happy.

Flexi IT has a strong team of highly qualified and experienced developers and managers to take charge of any project or request quickly and professionally.

For more information about Flexi IT and to start our cooperation, contact us via website survey, phone or live chat.

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