FLATsite launches “Lite” plan for static WordPress sites



FLATsite, the all-in-one platform for building and managing secure static websites, launches the “Lite” static sitemap, for smaller scale use.

While FLATsite general plans allow users to create unlimited sites, its Simplified static plan facilitates login for users with 1-3 WordPress sites. Users will benefit from built-in security options, IP blocking, instant static converter, and static sites that work great on mobile and desktop devices. In addition, people who register today can from $ 1 or benefit from a 15% discount on their annual package.

Other perks include access to the main FLATsite domain (which can be upgraded to other plans with a custom domain), 5GB of storage, and the ability to stage and preview posts before launch.

“FLATsite was designed to make WP sites hackable and provide better management for people with massive networks of WordPress sites. However, after appearances in various WordCamps and other online platforms, we have received overwhelming support and a great demand for FLATsite services from average WordPress users with one or two sites. The demand was so great that we decided to make it happen! explains Sophia Wu, Marketing Manager at FLATsite.

FLAT site characteristics no web host lockout, which allows you to deploy static sites anywhere and the ability to connect with an unlimited number of WordPress users. The public can book a tour of the platform with our sales team by clicking on this link.

About FLATsite: FLATsite is a WordPress static site generator and manager. It allows users to access all the backend functionality of a WordPress in the FLATsite instance and publishes static or flat HTML WP sites within minutes. Separating the WordPress backend from its frontend, known as headless WordPress website management, benefits users as it eliminates the need for a database, resulting in faster page load speeds, lower bounce rates and un-hackable sites. In the meantime, users can continue to use WordPress themes as well as most plugins to build and customize their sites.

Visit FLATsite.com for more information.

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