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To compile our list of the best website builders, Forbes Advisor gathered thousands of data points on the top website builders – and their various plans – and categorized the data into five main categories and 43 subcategories.

We paid special attention to the pricing of the different plans, factors such as storage, bandwidth, tools, models and mobile responsiveness, customer service and user reviews. We have also included an expert rating to account for qualitative elements such as popularity and any features or policies that stand out.

What is a mobile-friendly site?

A mobile-friendly site is a site that automatically adjusts images, text, and design elements to display quickly and appropriately for a mobile phone.

What is AMP?

To ensure that your blog loads quickly on mobile devices, it should be AMP optimized. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s an effort by Google (and many others) to speed up mobile traffic in order to improve the user experience. If your website builder offers AMP functionality, use it! This will likely help you rank higher in the search engines, but more importantly, it improves your site visitors’ experience on your site.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a popular e-commerce business that doesn’t require you to buy and store inventory. You basically “buy” the products you want to sell and put them in your online store. When someone buys from you, they pay the retail price you set, you pay the wholesale price, and then the order goes to the drop-shipper, who fulfills the order. It’s an affordable and easy way to start an ecommerce business.

Website Builder vs CMS: What’s the Difference?

A website builder is usually an all-in-one solution that includes web hosting, domain name, and site builder, but not always. A CMS is a content management system and it is used to help you manage blog posts, images, videos, and other content that you post to a website. Site builders typically include a CMS, and a CMS can include a site editor, like WordPress.

Why do website builders have app markets?

The best website builders include app marketplaces for you to extend the functionality of your website. For example, you might want to add email marketing and pop-ups to your website, but if this functionality isn’t built into your website builder, you should be able to add an app or plugin. in can add these features. Some apps and plugins are free, while others may incur monthly or annual fees.

What is a theme or template?

The terms theme and model are generally used interchangeably. These are pre-built designs that typically include menu navigation with the most common pages (home, about, contact, blog), header, and footer. WordPress calls its predefined design themes, while Wix calls them templates. Really, there is no difference.

Why do website builders include SSL certificates?

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a file that encrypts data transfers to and from a website. So when someone visits your secure website or enters information in any field on your site (forms, username, password, credit card details), the SSL certificate keeps that data private. . Having this security on your site is important for the end user, but it also helps your search engine rankings.


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