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You need WordPress themes and plugins to develop and manage your WordPress website. You can virtually create any type of design you want, on your own, given that you have the right tools and plugins at your disposal.

This is what WordPress GPL theme and plugin websites help you.

These websites give you access to GPL themes and plugins that the user can download and use for any kind of purpose they want. The GPL Product Downloader can use, distribute and even modify the product as needed.

In this article, we are going to review the GPL Guru website for WordPress themes and plugins and its best alternative that you can use instead of this GPL WordPress theme and plugin provider website.

About GPL Guru

GPL Guru is a popular GPL theme and plugin provider website that has been around since June 2017. This website offers premium GPL themes and plugins for its users and it has a wide range of themes and plugins that you can check out .

The GPL Guru website has a simple user interface and a huge user base from all over the world. It is a trusted and verified platform that offers 100% unique and authentic products.

The only problem with this website is that it doesn’t have such a massive collection of themes, plugins, and templates, and it doesn’t provide automatic updates to its customers. And the price isn’t reasonable based on what features the pricing plan has to offer, either.

Gpl guru is not transparent as we could not fine the review resources where to check customer reviews and their satisfaction with what they think of their services and support, so there is a risk to join this

There is a better option that you can choose from. Srmehranclub is a GPL website that offers thousands of premium GPL themes and plugins to its users.

Srmehranclub: Best GPL Guru Alternative Website Review for GPL WordPress Themes and Plugins

If you want to access thousands of WordPress GPL, Woocommerce themes and plugins, we recommend Srmehranclub. With a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, this website is your best choice for downloading GPL licensed templates, themes and plugins. Srmehranclub has been providing services since 2016.

Srmehranclub – Gpl Themes and Gpl Plugins offers a wide range of features and tools other than the themes and plugins it has to offer. You also get custom plugins like Srmehran Toolkit Update and Srmehran Templates Kit which allow you to easily update your themes and plugins.

The design of the Srmehranclub website is simple and user-friendly. You can easily navigate the different sections of the site to download themes and plugins for your WordPress site.

100% authentic and original products

Srmehranclub is your most trusted source for 100% original WordPress themes and plugins. This platform provides genuine GPL products to their customers.

Most online GPL suppliers do not give their users access to the original products. These companies distribute canceled and cracked versions that either do not work at all or offer poor performance. Moreover, using canceled and cracked themes and plugins can also put your whole online business at risk.

Srmehranclub provides access to a vast collection of LPG products which are all authentic and original. You get the original top quality products that you can use however you want on your website.

Srmehranclub vs. GPL Guru

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Srmehranclub and GPL Guru to see why we think Srmehranclub is a better supplier of GPL products than GPL Guru.

There is a huge difference in the number of themes and plugin providers by Srmehranclub and GPL Guru.

Srmehranclub offers a huge collection of over 15,500 Premium GPL themes, templates and plugins to its users.

The GPL Guru website only offers over 2800 themes and plugins for you to choose from.

So if you want a bigger collection of themes and plugins, Srmehranclub should be your preferred choice.

Most GPL sites only offer themes and plugins for WordPress CMS. You cannot find products for other content management systems on these sites.

Srmehranclub offers WordPress themes and plugins for CMS and platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Prestashop and Unbounce, etc. You can also find HTML and PHP templates and codes on this website.

GPL Guru only has 2 pricing plans.

  • Monthly plan: Starts at $ 14.99 / month and the download limit is 12 products per day
  • Annual plan: Costs around $ 99 / year and the download limit is 12 products per day

Srmehranclub offers a wider range of membership plans that you can choose from. You can choose from about 5 plans

  • Standard: Costs $ 29 for the first month then $ 15 per month to come and offers a download limit of 420 products
  • Semester: Costs $ 59 / month and offers a download limit of 2,700 products
  • Premium: Costs $ 75 / year and offers a download limit of 5400 products
  • Lifetime: Costs $ 107 for lifetime and has a download limit of 7,200 products per year
  • Super one: Costs $ 879 for lifetime and offers unlimited product downloads

You can review the membership details on the site to learn more about discounts on membership plans as well as the rest of the details associated with those plans.

Srmehranclub is a safe and secure website with a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot. This website has over 38,500 satisfied customers and over 10 million product downloads to date.

GPL Guru is also safe to use, but they don’t really have a wide range of customers to vouch for the quality of their services … We couldn’t find any review platforms like google, facebook and trustpilot, so it’s hard to understand what will you get and how their services are.

Customer support from the GPLU Guru and the Srmehranclub is excellent. The technical support from Srmehranclub is friendly enough and they are always there to help their customers 24/7.

Srmehranclub also offers 24 hour phone support. Their team is always there to help you with your WordPress themes and plugin issues, whenever you need them.

  • Additional tools and services

Srmehranclub offers additional tools and plugins that help their customers to easily download and update themes and plugins provided by Srmehranclub.

With GPL Guru, you have to manually access the website to get the latest updates for your themes and plugins.

With Srmehranclub, the user can update their plugins directly from their WordPress dashboard using the Srmehranclub Automatic Update and Toolkit Update plugins.

Srmehranclub is constantly developing new tools and technologies to help make the process of downloading and updating WordPress themes and plugins easier for their users.

So which WordPress GPL theme and plugin provider should you go for?

Srmehranclub has a larger collection of WordPress GPL themes and plugins and offers more product downloads in a month than the GPL Guru website.

In addition, Srmehranclub also offers many custom WordPress plugins designed only for Srmehranclub users. These plugins help Srmehranclub easily update their WordPress themes and plugins. You don’t get such functionality with GPL Guru or any other WordPress GPL theme and plugin provider.

So in our opinion, Srmehranclub is a better choice for GPL WordPress themes and the plugin provider you should choose. Check out the massive collection of WordPress GPL themes and plugins on Srmehranclub to develop and manage your WordPress website.

Final words

No matter how you look at it, Srmehranclub is better than GPL Guru in every way. While there are plenty of GPL vendor sites out there, they just don’t offer the kind of huge collection of themes and plugins that Srmehranclub has to offer. We strongly recommend that you review Srmehranclub’s pricing plans and purchase the one that works best for you. These are third party websites, so you should do some research before joining a GPL company.

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