Arturia’s FX Collection 2 adds seven new plugins to the bill


By Sam McNiece

Featuring modulation effects and bus processing.

Arturia’s latest iteration of their all-in-one suite adds seven new effects bringing the package total to 22. With classic hardware effect unit emulations and new in-house developed plugins, FX Collection 2 features all the tools you need to mix, master and create anything related to audio.

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From classic analog compressors to perfectly created modern reverb units, the FX Collection for Arturia was already a great set for record producers, mixing and mastering engineers. Now, with the new addition of Bus FX, Modulation FX, and a few other handy tweaks, the second version of this suite of plugins can do it all. Now let’s dive into the details of what sets the FX Collection 2 apart as a production suite.

Bus effects

FX Collection 2 adds three bus effects to its arsenal of mixing tools. The first is Comp DIODE-609, Arturia’s model of the classic Neve 33609 / C. For those unfamiliar with this compressor / limiter combo is fantastic for drum bus compression, bringing out a crisp and distinctive sound.

Then there is the SITRAL-295 EQ which is modeled after German broadcast consoles of the 1970s. With a wide range of uses, this equalizer provides a smooth musical sound with a touch of vintage feel. Arturia has kindly added a switchable visualizer so that users can easily see the changes they make to the audio spectrum.

Finally, the Bus Force designed by Arturia. Combining elements from several different sources, there is a SEM-inspired filter, a Pultec-style EQ, an overdrive and distortion module, and a compressor with its unique force control. This bus compressor is perfect for skipping to the main channel to prepare for your track’s output or adding to individual channels to use the saturation / filter / EQ combo.

Modulation effects

Of the seven new plugins, four of them are modulation effects, adding yet another layer of versatility to this set. Two chorus effects are offered here, first the Chorus JUN-6, an emulation of the classic Roland Juno-60 chorus effect, which is an incredibly easy way to add stereo width and analog warmth to synth tracks and more. Chorus DIMENSION-D, modeled after another Roland effects unit of the same name, is simple to use yet professional by providing a smooth stereo chorus effect.

The other two plugins are the Phaser BI-TRON and the Flanger BL-20. The guitar pedal-based BI-TRON features two sweep generators, two 12-stage phaser circuits, and extensive routing options that will help you unlock your inner space exploration fantasies. Finally, the Flanger BL-20 allows you to create the craziest sounds thanks to its multiple modulation sources including a function generator. This feature allows you to draw breakpoints and waveforms to adjust the sound of the flanger to your liking.

Redesigns and other new features

Along with these fantastic new additions, Arturia has added other features and changed some of them.

First of all, the TAPE-201 Delay now has several preamp options. You can use the original modeled one from the RE-201 unit, a newly modeled Germanium preamp, or neither if you aren’t looking for that crisp sonic character.

Arturia’s Preset Browser gets an upgrade with the updated SDK GUI which allows for more intuitive preset navigation. This, along with over 200 new presets on offer, adds a wealth of positive user experience.

Speaking of which, all plugins now have built-in tutorials and tips covering every setting and component in detail.

Additionally, all FX Collection 2 products now work with Native Kontrol Standard, which is great news for people who use Native Instruments controllers and MIDI keyboards.

To find out more, take a look at this in-depth look at the new additions below.

The new Arturia FX Collection 2 is now available and available on their website.

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