American Legion of Adams Hosts Soup Luncheon for Taopi Residents | News


TAOPI, Minn.-The American Legion in Adams is hosting a soup lunch for the residents of Taopi on Thursday.

The town of Taopi is about four miles from Adams and was ravaged by Tuesday night’s EF-2 tornado.

Adams Ambulance deputy director Lesley Heimer said she arrived in Taopi shortly after Tuesday’s tornado to a grim scene of downed power lines, massive debris strewn across the roadway and injured residents.

Heimer, who is a member of the American Legion, has since worked with fellow member Nancy Lewison on relief efforts.

Lewison said she took to Facebook on Wednesday morning asking for donations for the people of Taopi.

Lewison also hosted a soup lunch for residents, which is scheduled to take place in Taopi on Thursday.

Responses to Lewison’s post exploded into a wave of community members looking for ways to help.

Lewison said the Hormel Institute also reached out to her, asking for ways to donate to the small town.

As for the reasoning behind the huge response, Lewison said it boiled down to two words.

“Minnesota nice, that comes to mind. It’s devastating there and they need our help and we have to do it. They’re our friends, our neighbors and we have to do it for them,” said Lewison.

If you would like more information on how you can donate, Click here.


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