African Data Center (ADH) Community Journalism Fellowship (ACJF) 2022/2023 –


African Data Hub (ADH) has announced the launch of its Community Journalism Fellowship Program.

The initiative aims to improve coverage of under-reported issues in local communities across Nigeria, paying particular attention to potential solutions with lasting impact on effective public service delivery, grassroots development and improvement. of the quality of life.

Community journalism holds the key to bridging the wide divide between urban and rural Nigeria in news, information, education and development as most issues are under-reported by the mainstream media , community journalists often point them at them.

This fellowship program will support community journalists with grants, capacity development and tools to produce in-depth, data-driven stories that are investigative in nature on issues affecting communities in different parts of the country.

The program will prioritize stories that dive deep into community health challenges, the causes of hunger and extreme poverty and, most importantly, stories showing the structural barriers that women and girls face.

The Africa Data Hub project is a reliable and up-to-date source of COVID-19 related data on the African continent.

It supports and promotes quality access to information, data-driven journalism to facilitate evidence-based decision-making regarding the pandemic across the continent.

The ADH Community Journalism Fellowship (ACJF) is an Orodata Science initiative whose mission is to continue to democratize data and knowledge toward solutions that impact the lives of millions.

What do African Data Hub Community Journalism Fellows receive?

  • Fellows will participate in a data journalism boot camp that will provide capacity-building training in advanced survey, data storytelling, and mapping techniques. Journalists will also learn how to research, analyze, and visualize data in engaging and compelling ways.
  • The fellowship will provide a grant of up to $2,000 per fellow and counseling sessions with mentors will be offered to develop their journalistic skills.
  • The fellowship will provide editorial and technical support such as research and data analysis, data visualization, infographics, and mapping of stories produced by fellows.


  1. Applicants must be journalists based in Nigeria.
  2. The number of grants available is limited, therefore the first 10-20 slots received will have the best chance of being considered. Interested journalists are encouraged to submit their stories from March 25 to April 15, 2022.
  3. The locations must respect the chosen theme.
  4. Presentations from freelance journalists and staff from all types of media organizations – international, national, local and community are encouraged to apply.


  1. All pitches should not exceed 250 words.
  2. The pitch should highlight the key issue you want to focus on, why it’s relevant to the program, and how under-reported it is.
  3. Indicate why you are the right person to report it and what access you already have.
  4. Include a letter or email from the editor of a publication that wants your story published.

How to Apply for the African Data Hub (ACJF) Community Journalism Fellowship 2022/2023

Click here to apply.


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