Abrazo hosts a social network for future nurses | Online features


Abrazo invites Northeast Valley nurses to attend a casual social event on Tuesday, June 7 at Craftsman Cocktails & Kitchen in Scottsdale to learn about jobs at the company’s Scottsdale and Cave Creek campuses.

Both hospitals provide opportunities for experienced nurses, newly graduated RNs, and practical nurses. Positions are available in emergency, intensive care, interventional radiology, orthopedics, surgery, preoperative, recovery, telemetry and medicine/surgery. departments. Opportunities include full-time, part-time and PRN jobs, with day, evening and night shifts.

“A lot of that even comes from working with our teams here at the hospital, especially during the COVID pandemic where everyone has worked so hard,” said Naman Mahajan, chief executive of Abrazo Scottsdale and Cave Creek.

“As pandemic levels sort of stabilize. We are looking for fun and creative ways our nursing team or other potential nurses and caregivers in the community… can enjoy the camaraderie with each other, learn about our organization and, if mutually beneficial, find their permanent home here with us at Abrazo Scottsdale or Cave Creek.

Even as hospitals across the country have struggled to deal with COVID-19 and other medical emergencies, Mahajan said Abrazo Scottsdale and Cave Creek have remained relatively untouched by healthcare worker resignations.

“We have been fortunate within our facility that all of our basic needs are currently being very adequately met,” he said. “We were fortunate to be one of the few hospitals that did not close any of our surgical departments during the pandemic. Because we were open, it actually attracted several prominent surgeons to our campus, which creates the need for additional nurses, additional OLR nurses and technicians, and all the other ancillary services that come with that.

Abrazo Health also plans to expand, particularly at its new campus in Cave Creek – which opened in July 2021.

“We opened our new Cave Creek Community Hospital, and we’ve been able to successfully treat patients in the Cave Creek community so they don’t have to be moved to one of the larger facilities,” said said Mahajan.

“We were open to places where their family members could come and visit. We have treated a number of our COVID patients there on an inpatient and outpatient basis and as this facility expands. This is where we prepare for this recruiting event.

Mahajan said The Craftsman Cocktails & Kitchen was chosen so Abrazo Health could attract nurses to the neighborhood.

“It’s not just a hiring event,” he added. “It’s getting to know each other, getting to know our culture.”

Despite the event’s relaxed environment that includes cocktails and appetizers, Mahajan said Abrazo Health has certain features in mind for future employees.

“What we are looking for the most is the passion and quality of care instilled in the patient. We can still teach skill sets, but you have to have the passion,” Mahajan said. “If an individual has the right demeanor and the right passion for health care, (it’s) number 1 in my books.”


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