Calculate children's bike size

With this bike size calculator, you can find the right children's bike based on body size or stride length . Age does not play a role in the calculation.

Note: The values ​​in the size calculator are guidelines for children's bikes , but do not apply to BMX bikes or dirt bikes . The manufacturer's individual frame geometry also plays a role in whether a children's bike really fits. Therefore, important when buying: pay attention to the manufacturer's information.

Children's bike size calculator
Unfortunately, this value is invalid. Please enter a stride length between 35 and 82.
Unfortunately, this value is invalid. Please enter a height between 80 and 160.
Please only enter numbers.

Tip : The compact guides for children's bikes of all sizes are available here.

Choose the right children's bike size

Children's bicycles between 12 and 26 inches are suitable for children between 4 and 14 years of age. Important: Not the age, but only the size of your child (together with the step length) decides which bike size really fits. The stride length is measured on the inside of the leg from the sole of the foot to the base of the crotch.

Children's bike size in inches (table)

height Childhood Stride length Bike size (in inches)
from 95 cm from approx. 3-4 years approx. 40 cm 12 inches
from 100 cm from approx. 4 years approx. 44 cm 14 inches
from 105 cm from approx. 4.5 years approx. 46 cm 16 inches
from 110 cm from approx. 5 years approx. 48 cm 18 inches
from 120 cm from approx. 6-7 years approx. 55 cm 20 inch
from 135 cm from approx. 8 years approx. 69 cm 24 inches
from 140 cm from approx. 10-11 years approx. 78-80 cm 26 inch

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