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For most parents, the baby monitor is simply part of a relaxing evening. Fortunately, they have a wide range of devices with sound, video or other aids such as motion detectors. An important part of this selection are the Reer baby monitors . They also offer the various options and even a variant that works with your own smartphone . This means that mom and dad can always be certain that everything is okay in the cot.

With such a large selection of devices, there is a lot to consider. Many parents worry about sufficient range , potentially harmful radiation and how stable the connection is.

You can find out what parents should consider when looking for the right baby monitor in our checklist . Then you will get to know our 3 favorites from Reer better.

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Baby monitor checklist

  • Transmission and range : Reer's baby monitors promise a range of up to 300 meters . However, this only applies in the open field without any obstacles. It is much more difficult for the signal to arrive against walls, which means that usually only 15 to 20% of the range remains in the house or apartment. Of course, this also affects how stable and high quality the connection is.
  • Radiation and security against eavesdropping : digital and analog versions are available for transmission. Digital devices are said to have a slightly higher radiation exposure, but they are much more bug-proof.
  • Functions : The fundamental decision is made between variants with audio and video transmission. There are also many additional functions such as thermometer, music box, intercom function or a night light.
  • Use with smartphone : Reer offers a variant that works with your own smartphone . This system establishes a protected connection between the camera and smartphone via the Internet. Only the camera is required here, which saves money. However, if you want to keep an eye on your child at all times, you are limited in using your smartphone.
  • Battery life : Baby monitors that only transmit sound have fewer problems with battery life. It gets more exciting with variants with video, as the screen consumes more energy. However, the device should be able to last at least 4 to 5 hours .

Top manufacturer for baby monitors

Especially when it comes to baby needs, you shouldn't take any risks and trust proven manufacturers and brands. Here is a selection of the most popular brands for baby monitors:

Recommended Reer baby monitors

What products do parents recommend?
The following selection takes five quality criteria into account: reviews, ratings, number of purchases, test marks and seals of approval.

reer - video baby monitor with day and night mode, lullabies, night light, moving camera
reer - video baby monitor with day and night mode, lullabies, night light, moving camera
  • BABYCAM WITH DAY AND NIGHT MODE: Make sure that your baby is sleeping well with color images in light and infrared at night. Digital, tap-proof transmission, up to 300m range
  • INTELLIGENT MOTION TRACKING: Follows your child's movements so that you always have your child in focus immediately. Rotatable in 330 ° angle, tiltable in 110 ° angle, 2x zoom
  • NUMEROUS FEATURES: intercom function, temperature monitoring, VOX mode, sound activation, ECO mode, range control, 4, 3 "TFT display with adjustable brightness, vibration alarm
  • The parent unit is operated with a rechargeable battery, the baby unit is permanently connected to the power supply; battery operation is not possible here
  • OWN LOW SONGS AND NIGHT LIGHT: The camera also works as a music box and night light. Choose from programmed songs and sounds or play your own mp3s via micro SD
reer 50070 baby monitor Rigi Digital - tap-proof, low radiation, night light, intercom function
reer 50070 baby monitor Rigi Digital - tap-proof, low radiation, night light, intercom function
  • Digital baby monitor with a range of 300m, interference-free and tap-proof (FHSS radio technology)
  • Energy-saving and low-radiation (VOX function and eco mode)
  • Extra safe thanks to optical and acoustic range control
  • Intercom function and optical noise level display
  • Integrated night light, mains and battery operation, the right baby monitor for initial baby equipment
reer video baby monitor and IP camera BabyCam, easy setup, control via free app
reer video baby monitor and IP camera BabyCam, easy setup, control via free app
  • This smart video baby monitor turns your smartphone into a receiving station for your baby
  • You can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection, a protected connection between camera and mobile phone (smartphone)
  • Intercom function: calm your baby down from anywhere
  • High-resolution HD camera with 4x digital zoom, crystal-clear image and video transmission, automatic night vision function
  • 110 ° viewing angle and wall bracket for easy mounting on the wall, table or ceiling

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