The 13 best dollhouses for children [guide]

Dollhouses for children

Is a wooden or plastic dollhouse better? And from what age does it make sense for children? Eichhorn, Kidkraft or Playmobil dollhouse: here is an overview of the best dollhouses.

The 5 best wooden dolls' prams

Doll prams made of wood

A hand-picked selection of the most popular wooden dolls prams - recommended for children from 1 year.
Also: current offers for wooden dolls prams.

The 7 best Waldorf dolls for children

Waldorf dolls

Waldorf dolls are considered to be of particular educational value. K├Ąthe Kruse is the only doll manufacturer with an official license. Here is an overview of the most popular Waldorf dolls.

The 7 most popular cuddly toys for children

Soft toys for children

From stuffed bunnies to plush dogs to teddy bears. Here are the cutest plush toys for kids.
Also: bestsellers & current offers for cuddly toys.

The 30+ best dolls for kids [guide]

Dolls for children

Which doll is suitable for which age? Here you can find out everything about dolls, the test winners and the latest children's doll offers [from 0 to 5 years].

The 7 best reborn dolls for kids

Reborn dolls

We compared lifelike baby dolls and selected the most recommendable models for children. As a decision-making aid: bestsellers & current offers for reborn dolls.

23 perfect gifts for girls

Gifts for girls

The perfect Christmas present for girls: what is important when choosing a present? And what do girls prefer to play with?

The 7 best hairdressing heads for kids

Hairdressing head

We compared hairdressing heads for children and selected the most recommendable. As a decision-making aid: bestsellers and current offers for hairdressing heads.

The 13 best dolls prams for children [guide]

Doll prams for children

Wooden doll prams, doll strollers or a doll pram set: Here are the 5 most important questions about buying, as well as the most popular doll prams (recommended from 2 years)

The 12 best doll furniture

Doll furniture

We compared furniture for dolls and selected the most recommendable ones. As a decision-making aid: bestsellers & current offers for dolls furniture.