The most popular children's costumes 2020

From Indians to Pippi Longstocking and Ninjago costumes. We have the most popular children's costumes for the carnival for you.

In the carnival season , when from 11.11. Up to Rose Monday, Shrovetide and Ash Wednesday, children's costumes in all variants have high season. Every child looks forward to becoming an Indian or a cowboy or a cowgirl during Carnival or Mardi Gras, or to making the carnival party unsafe as a Viking . We went in search of the most popular children's costumes for the carnival and put them together for you.

The 5 cutest costumes for toddlers (in advance)

Bunny children's costume

Bunny child costume

This high-quality and beautifully processed rabbit costume for babies consists of a combination, a carrot, a pair of booties and a hooded cap. The gray full body suit is made of fur-like material and has white inserts made of fake fur on the stomach, in the forehead area and on the wrists. A zipper in the back and snaps between the legs make it easy to put on and take off this funny romper suit.

39.99 EUR

Monkey child costume

Monkey child costume

This monkey costume made of velvety material for toddlers consists of a combination and a monkey head hooded cap that has two monkey ears and can be closed with a Velcro strap under the chin. The full body suit has a zipper in the back and snaps between the legs, which make it easy to put on and change this funny romper suit.

49.99 EUR

Lion child costume

Lion child costume

This high-quality and carefully crafted lion costume for babies consists of a combination and a hooded cap. The full body suit made of velvety fabric is light brown with a cream-colored belly part. A zipper in the back and press studs between the legs make it easy to put on this funny romper suit and change diapers.

32.99 EUR

Tiger child costume

Tiger child costume

This high-quality, beautifully processed tiger costume for babies consists of an orange-colored black-striped combination. A zipper in the back and press studs between the legs make it easy to put on and take off this funny romper suit and to change diapers.

29.99 EUR

Cowboy child costume

Cowboy child costume

This mini cowboy costume for babies consists of a romper suit and a hat. The romper is printed with a sheriff outfit. Below is blue like jeans and above is a blue denim shirt with a brown vest. A scarf and a belt are also printed on the romper. He is long sleeved. There are Velcro strips in the back as a closure and snaps are attached in the crotch so that the baby can be swaddled.

39.99 EUR

Children's costume checklist

When buying carnival costumes for children: What do you have to pay attention to in terms of material, comfort and size ? By the way, here you can find out what is important for the little ones and baby fashion.

  • Correctly choosing the size of children's costumes. Experience has shown that many costumes are cut rather small, so in many cases the next larger size should be chosen. You can often find information about the fit in the customer reviews of buyers - they are worth gold in such cases. When buying online, you can also order two sizes in case of doubt and keep the right one after trying on. ( all information about the 30-day right of return on Amazon ).
  • Pay attention to the test marks for the material of children's costumes . Formal tests such as by the T├ťV are not required for children's costumes. A good sign is, for example, the CE sign; it shows that the manufacturer / dealer adheres to the applicable legal provisions of the EU during manufacture. When using make-up, make sure that the colors are based on well- tolerated food coloring .
  • Comfort and usability are an essential criterion for children's costumes, also with regard to safety . Examples: A full-body costume has to be easy to open so that going to the toilet doesn't become an unwanted adventure. And long cords or fringes may look nice on some costumes - but they are also a source of danger if your child hooks them up. Or: A long, dragging kite tail invites other children to step on it - which is no fun for the "kite" ...

Trusted manufacturers of children's costumes

With the most common suppliers of children's costumes, you will also find most of the customer reviews, which are particularly informative with regard to the size and quality of the costumes. Here is an excerpt of the most popular brands and manufacturers of children's costumes:

The 9 most popular children's disguises

What products do parents recommend?
The following selection takes five quality criteria into account: reviews, ratings, number of purchases, test marks and seals of approval.

Indian children's costumes

Whether Winnetou or Old Shatterhand: Here you will find the best-selling Indian costumes in a bestseller list:

Pippi Longstocking costumes

Children who want to mutate into the strongest girl in the world during the carnival will find the right costume here: We have put the best-selling Pippi Longstocking costumes in a bestseller list for you.

Ninjago costumes

Ninja apprentices can choose between the best-selling Ninjago costumes or the variants of LEGO in a bestseller list.

Viking children's costumes

If you want to conquer the oceans during carnival or want to put pirate friends on the run: These Viking children's costumes are the perfect outfit for it. The best-selling Viking costumes in a bestseller list here for you:

Cowgirl costumes for girls

Boys = cowboys, girls = princess? Those days are long gone! Many girls enjoy catching the wild cattle (or boys) as cowgirls at Carnival. We have prepared the best-selling cowgirl costumes for you in a bestseller list.

Little Red Riding Hood children's costumes

Why did the grandmother have such yellow teeth (there are electric children's toothbrushes here ) and red eyes? And what did Little Red Riding Hood have to do with it? We only know: Here are the most popular Little Red Riding Hood costumes in a bestseller list for you:

Pirate costumes for boys

A true classic among children's costumes: the pirate costume. Whether for girls or boys, we have also prepared the best-selling pirate costumes for you in a bestseller list.

Batman children's costumes

The heyday of Batman and Robin, the dissimilar superhero couple, has still not passed. We become aware of this every year at Carnival when we see many children frolicking in Batman costumes . Here to the Batman bestseller list:

Baby costumes

The little ones also want to be part of the carnival! For the first carnival party you will find the best-selling baby costumes here:

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